Harry Potter GO uses technology called Augmented Reality. It means that player interacts with game by performing actions in real world. For example to travel in-game player has to walk in real life. This system uses various tools to transfer player’s actions into game, such as GPS or gyroscope. This is why Harry Potter GO will need suitable platform to work properly. Mobile devices are perfect environment for this game, because they contain those tools and allow player to move around freely. Harry Potter GO supports platforms such as Android and iOS. There is possibility that in the future game will also be available on Windows Phone devices.

Android is the most common platform for mobile devices and it’s known for its support for innovative ideas. Harry Potter GO is a fun way to encourage people to go outside and socialize. This is why this new app is supported by android users. They help improve the experience, report bugs or help new people get into wizards world. There are plenty Android forums, so if you have any question or problem you will easly find help there. Harry Potter GO is avaiable to download in Google Play application.

IOS platform is present on Apple devices. They are known for being powerful and innovative. This is why they are proud to support new Augmented Reality game, just as they did with Pokemon GO. IOS users will find their new app, supported by Nintendo on iOS app store.

Windows Phone platform although not designed for supporting games, may be able to support Harry Potter GO. Pokemon GO was in simillar situation, where Windows Phone users were unable to play Niantic’s game. Owners of Windows Phone device did everything they could to help app reach the official app Store and in the end they succeded. A fan-made application is now available to download. We can imagine that the same will happen to Harry Potter GO.