The Harry Potter GO game is based on Pokemon GO made by Niantic. Because of that some tips and tricks from Pokemon GO may still be useful in a new game.

First and most important one is not about game itself, but about a player. When playing an Augmented Reality game always be aware of your surroundings and respect other people. Lack of awareness can lead to incidents, serious injuries or even death. The next thing you should do is to prepare well for playing this game. Your device will need some extra baterry power to compete against other wizards. A very usefull tool is a powerbank, which lets you store additional energy and charge your device pretty much everywhere. Also do not forget to bring some water and food, just in case you wander a little to far from home.

Next thing may be considered cheating but it will surely help people who can’t walk much (for expample someone with broken leg). You can still play Harry Potter GO while sitting in your car. If you find yourself a driver you can enjoy the game while sitting in a cozy seat. You can also travel by bus if you wish, it’s all up to you.

In Pokemon GO there were online maps, which showed locations of pokemons in real time. However this is considered cheating just as much as using fake GPS, we strongly reccomend you not to use these two tools and just enjoy this game in a traditional way.

Determination is a key to succes, work hard and you will be rewarded. Many players couldn’t enjoy Pokemon GO to its full extent because they gave up too easily. Take your time and eventually you’ll be the very best.

It’s always better to play in groups. Not only it helps to find important items but also keeps you entairtained. Invite your friends and family and go together into the world of magic.