If you watched the movies or read the books about adventures of a young wizard you should be familiar with the following content, if not we’ll try to explain it. In the game you are a wizard, a student of School of Witchcraft and Wizardry – Hogwarts. There is an evil lurking behing every corner, making plans on taking over the world. The main leader of the Evil force is Lord Voldemort. He was once a student it the very same school as you, but his hearth has grown dark. Now you must stop him.

Voldemort is immortal, because his soul is split in seven pieces. Those pieces are called Horcruxes. You must destroy them to make him vurnerable again. It’s not as simple though… Finding them is a very long and demanding task. When you find them you can’t just smash them to pieces. You need a basilisk fang, a fang of a giant serpent-like creature. Only then you will be able to destroy horcruxes.

To find a way to defeat the evil you need to traverse the world in search for horcruxes and basilisk.

But you won’t be alone, you will meet other wizards you can team up with. However servants of Voldemort will try to stop you. They are called Deatheaters, evil wizards worshiping the dark Lord. You need to learn powerful spells to fight with them. There is also another threat hanging over you –  Dementors. They attack people and suck all their hope and happy memories from them. At first they were guardians in the prison of Azkaban, but they got free. To defend yourself, you need to summon Patronus, the spirit guardian. This projection of your soul will scare of your opponents.

There is a very useful tool that will come in handy: Marauder’s Map. Invented to pull out amazing pranks, shows the position of every living being. It will guide you through your journey.