In the previous Harry Potter games we were playing as one of the well known students of Hogwarts – Hermione, Ron or the Harry Potter himself. It made perfect sense because the story was based on their adventures, all the way from the Philosopher’s Stone to the Deadly Hallows. This time however it’s not the case. In this game you won’t play as Harry or Ron or any other well known character such as Neville. Is it because in this game you are the wizard destined to save the world from the forces of evil.

You are the hero and this is your adventure. Shape it your way. Make sure that you will be remembered for centuries as the chosen one or be the humble friend of savior. It’s all up to you. You can even decide whether you save the world alone or together with your very own crew of trusty wizards and witches.

During your adventure you can do whatever you feel like doing. Go on the hunt for mystical creatures known only from your magic books or face the Deatheaters and serve them justice they deserve. When you’re tired you can just go drink some butterbeer in Hogsmeade. Even a wizard needs some time to relax.

Do not forget that the world of wizardry is a dangerous place. Before you head out for your adventure make sure you know all the spell that will help you survive. Spells such as Patronus Charm to defend yourself from Dementors or Protego to negate Deatheaters’ spells may really come in handy. Next thing you can learn is brewing potions, they are very powerful and will surely help complete your task. When you are ready and prepared for upcoming challenges, go face the evil forces, and remember that everyone is counting on you.