In every school books are the most basic tool to expand student’s knowledge. In the Hogwarts the books are just as important but with one twist. Those books aren’t just regular pages sewn together and closed in a fancy cover. Every thing in magic book is written based on experience of a powerful wizard or witch. Many dangerous adventures had led to the making of this books which presents them as extremely reliable source of information.

In the Harry Potter GO you can’t access books as easly as in real world. You can’t just go to the nearest library or look them up in the internet. To find magic books you must prove yourself worthy of having them. Go on to the adventure and face all upcoming challenges. Only then you will be able to gather ancient tomes. Some of them may contain spells, other will tell you about the magical creatures lurking this world. Some of them may help you on your quest to destroy the Horcruxes. Searching for them is certainly good way of spending your time in the magic world.

However not all of the books are made for a good purpose. In Hogwarts there is a part of library closed for students called Restricted Section. The books that lie there contain knowledge about the Dark Arts, evil rituals or dangerous potions. Those books are forbidden for a good reason, but sometimes you must break some rules for the greater good. When you find one of those books, try not to tell anyone about it. Keep it to yourself and use it wisely. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Have trouble finding some magic books? Ask your friendly wizards, maybe they just happen to have found them and will share with you. You should never work alone, only yhen you will be able to fulfill your destiny.