In the world of magic you can also encounter magical creatures. Some of you may be familiar with them but for those who aren’t here’s a brief summary.

In the Harry Potter series, the world is habited by many magical creatures. Those creatures are divided into five categories by the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures  based on their perceived dangerousness. Those categories are:

1) boring (X) – harmless creatures not presenting any threat to human beings and also not worthy of being domesticated. Example species of this category are Flobberworm and Horklump.

2) harmless (XX) – a creatures not able to hurt human being but capable of being domesticated. Example species of the harmless category are Owls, Fairies, Gnomes, Imps or Winged Horses.

3) competent wizards should cope (XXX) – a slightly dangerous creatures that can ba tamed by wizards with basic knowledge. Example spiecies of this category are Frost Salamnders, Hippogriffs or Pixies.

4) dangerous, suitable for experienced wizards with specialist knowledge (XXXX) – their contact with unexperienced students may lead to serious injuries or even death. Example species for dangerous category are Centaurs, Trolls, Phoenix (present in this category for its difficulty in domestication rather than its agression).

5) impossible to train / wizard killer (XXXXX) – most dangerous creatures, deadly to every human being, even the most experienced of wizards. The other name for this category (as stated by Ron Weasley) is „everything that Hagrid likes”. Example species of this category are Basilisks, Dragons or Werewolves.

During your adventures you may face some of creatures present on the list. With some luck and skill you might be able to tame so of them or even domesticate them. However be careful, because trying to domesticate category four or five creatures may lead to rather terryfing end of your adventure.