How to find Horcruxes in Harry Potter GO?

how to find horcruxesTo defeat the evil forces and restore peace to our world you mist find and destroy seven Horcruxes. However it’s not as simple as it may seem. Those precoius items are well hidden, heavily guarded and extremely hard to get rid of.

Horcruxes are the only way to defeat dark forces. They contain part of their owners’ soul, making them immortal. The horrible murder that made horcruxes had cursed them for eternities. These items are extremely dangerous and can only be contained by the most powerful of wizards. If you think you are worthy to take up the challange this is how to find them.

During your adventure your magic compass may detect a Horcrux near your position. Use your compass to find the exact location of horcrux and preapre to fight to claim it. Evil soul will be guarded by servants of evil that will give up their life to protect their master. Use all your knowledge to defeat them and collect your reward. However the joy of completing your task may lure Dementors to your position. All the hope you’ve gained has turned them insane and reckless. But do not fear. Concentrate and make the most powerful Partonus Charm you possibly can and nothing will stop you from destroing the Horcrux. Now you only must find a way to break it to the point beyond repair.

You may have heard about basilisks. Those serpent-like creatures lurk in the shadows waiting to sink their sharp fangs into your skin and kill you with their deadly venom. This deadly venom is exactly what we need. A venom so powerful that will break even the strongest of spells. But be careful, collecting the fang may not be so easy. Only then you will be able to destroy the Horcrux and the soul that lies within it.