Harry Potter Go hardware requirements

To enjoy Harry Potter GO you need to make sure, that your device meets the minimal system requirements. Sadly, this game won’t work on older devices or some of the core functions may be missing (for expample: in the Pokemon GO, the Augmented Reality mode does not work on devices that are missing the gyroscope). If you want to make sure that this app will work, you can buy a new device. If you can’t or do not want to buy new phone, you can make sure that the folowing things are working fine on your device:

  1. GPS signal – it’s the main module needed for the game to work properly. If your signal is weak your movement could not be detected or be rather inaccurate. In this game, keeping track of your position is important, because all your in-game interactions are based on your localization.
  2. Battery – when playing Harry Potter GO you will go outside your home for few hours. The application tends to drain your battery power very fast. You should consider grabbing device with large power storage or buying a powerbank. The first way is more convenient because you won’t need to carry another heavy item with you. If you decide to use a powerbank instead, make sure that you buy one that: can storage a lot of power (at least 10000 mAh) and has a high performance ratio (it depends on how much power is lost during charging. About 80-90% is optimal).
  3. Gyroscope – this element is needed for the Augmented Reality to work properly, make sure it is present in your mobile device or otherwise you will be unable to use some of the game’s mechanics
  4. Hardware – if your device’s hardware does not meet the minimal requirements you won’t be able to download and install the app. If that’s the case, you have to buy a new device or sadly skip on playing this game.