During your Harry Potter GO adventure you will rely heavily on your device’s battery. You can recharge it if needed but how can you decrease its discharge rate?

Firstly you should go to options and enable „battery saver” option. It blacks out the display while not in use, which reduces the battery consumption. Also to further decrease the battery drain you can permanently lower your screen’s brightness. You can find this option in Settings > Display options > Brightness level. There will be slider, turn it all the way to the left. If this makes your screen too dark, try sliding it a little to the right, but be careful the more you increase it, the faster the battery will drain. If you want to save even more battery you can go to the app store and search for apps that disable your screen on use. It works even better than displaying darker colors because it doesn’t display anything at all.

Disable all unnecessary background apps. Many apps work in background to decrease the load time or to do auto-sync. Try disabling applications like Messanger, your e-mail and everything that downloads data from the internet. Also you can disable modules like wi-fi or bluetooth. You can also change the gps module to track approximate position intead of exact position. It will lower your battery consumption but it will also have impact on your game experience, use only if necessary.

Do not forget to explore your device’s data saving features. Many model have built-in apps or options that can help your battery last a little longer. If you can’t find a proper option try googling your device. You will probably find your answer on some kind of tech forum. Also you can try to contact your device’s producent or check out its documentation on their site.

how to save bateries harry potter go